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DI2E DevTools has become the first system at NRO to receive an Authority To Operate (ATO) in the unclassified, AWS GovCloud environment.  

Welcome to the DI2E Developer Collaboration Tools. These tools are provided for Government programs and their supporting developers. The DI2E Developer Collaboration Tools provide documentation and design artifact hosting, issue tracking, and project collaboration. The tools enable automating nightly builds and tests of software projects flagging and sending errors to development team(s) for action, automating unit and IV&V tests sending results to development team(s) upon completion, check-in/check-out capability to maintain versioning of software baselines in shareable source code and design artifact repositories. The DI2E Developer Collaboration Tools provide an environment where code produced for the government is configuration managed and buildable on government owned property.

This DI2E Developer Collaboration Tools enable collaboration with other programs' developers, such as to report/support defects or enhancements. The owning program maintains control of read/write privileges to the source code and binaries and associated documentation, and decides when to provide access to other programs.

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Jira - Issue Tracking, Agile Planning 

Issue and project tracking for traditional and agile projects.

Bitbucket (Stash) - Git Source Control

Distributed, efficient source control and versioning.

Confluence - Wiki, Documentation 

Per-project, collaborative document editing.

Subversion - Source Control

Software versioning and revision control.

Jenkins - Continuous Integration, Automated Builds
Automated software build, test, integration, and performance profiling.

FishEye+Crucible - Code Reviews

Browse code repositories, comment on code, and perform code reviews.


Nexus - Code Artifacts, Maven Repo Mirror

Stores software artifacts and resolves dependencies for maven builds.


Storefront - Reusable Components

A registry of reusable applications, services, and components.

Password Management

Reset and unlock your own DI2E password.

Discourse - Community Wide Discussion Forum

A resource for all DI2E users to ask questions, get answers and collaborate across projects.

XMPP Chat server

Real time chat to be used with any XMPP client (e.g. Psi, Pidgin, Trillian.) Can be configured with permanent rooms by request.

SonarQube - Code Quality

An open platform to manage code quality


Makes it easy to securely transfer large files using only a web browser. Files can be transferred to one or several recipients.

Our tools are supported, available, and backed by our service level agreement.

Read more about our program on-boarding policy.